Joseph L.
Bevin basically held my hand for four months while I went through the tedious task of purchasing my first home.  She anticipated my questions before I had a chance to ask them, would return calls/emails promptly, and let me vent when I thought I was going to lose my mind.

From the second we agreed to work together I knew I was in good hands.  Bevin broke it down, bullet-style just like I like it, and explained the entire process to me and made it seem manageable; and with her by my side it was.

At closing, she took the time to explain EVERY SHEET OF PAPER I had to sign before I signed it.  Even my real estate agent commented on how professional and articulate Bevin was and I have since referred two “friends of friends” to seek her services.

On a more personal note, she shares my affinity for all things Parton, and you know, that’s hot.

Bevin gets a billion stars and I would totally want her in my corner again when I pull a George Jefferson and move on up.

Jennifer T.:

We just closed on a two family investment property in Crown Heights and worked with Bevin Bermingham, who charged us a reasonable rate and did a lot of pragmatic and strategic work with us, in addition to a considerable amount of calming us down when the sellers were driving us nuts.

After going through several long months of what seemed like a very weird real estate system compared to other states where we have bought property, I can’t imagine doing a purchase in NY without a lawyer. As the process went on for a few months while the sellers finished some work on the property per the rider, she made sure we had clear title, helped us make several strategic decisions as we waited for the sellers to satisfy some conditions, and even suggested a moving company for our incoming tenants.

She also helped us make sure we had all of the final loan docs in order, organized the closing, crafted an escrow agreement with a small amount of money held back for the sellers to make a few final repairs, and represented us at the closing today (we live out of state).

Not being a NY resident and having only bought property in other states, I was really skeptical that we needed a lawyer and now having gone through this I see how much we did.

I’d really recommend Bevin.

 Zoe E.

Although I had purchased and sold a very old, 3 story Victorian home in West Philadelphia, that was a breeze compared to the craziness of purchasing a co-op apartment in Brooklyn.  Really? You need to have 2 brokers, sellers, buyers, and 5 lawyers in a room to close?  Really?!  But yes, in New York City, you do.  So thank god for The Best Little Law Firm in Brooklyn.

Bevin was the kind of lawyer I could trust to well and honestly represent me and my interests, provide good counsel and just give me the bottom line/plain English interpretation of all the hundreds of pages of legalese.  Plus, she made the closing actually fun and you can’t say that about many lawyers.  If you’re buying or selling in NYC/the NYC area, I would definitely recommend this law firm.

Brian B.

A while back I ran into a little trouble that had as much to do with the choices I was making in my financial life as any outside factors. She worked closely with me to not only resolve my minor legal problems, but also to turn my personal life around a little which has helped me avoid repeating the same mistakes.

The point is that her counsel was professional, and insightful and I benefited as much from her life coaching as her legal expertise. She is a great attorney and you should hire her.

Christina O.:

Bevin has been a truly  valuable resource in dealing with a number of issues that have come up for me as the President of a four-unit coop in the Slope.   She has a way of breaking down daunting legal issues very plainly so I can understand, and was happy to help me sift through piles of correspondence and legal docs in order to devise the most creative and informed solutions to the problems I faced.  As a first-time owner and board member, it’s very reassuring to have such a dedicated advocate in my corner.  

She’s personable, super responsive, and extremely knowledgeable about a broad range of legal topics.  It’s easy to tell that she cares just as much about my concerns as I do, which is a rarity for sure.  Plus her rates are very reasonable, so I can afford all the hand holding I need (which tends to be a lot.)

I didn’t have the good fortune of having her as my agent when I bought my apartment, but she definitely will be when I sell, and she’ll also be my go-to gal for any other legal questions I have in the future.  Brooklyn is very lucky to have Bevin on its side!

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